9 Christmas Gifts to DIY

Here at Salt & Stag we are big fans of unique and creative Christmas gifts you can DIY. I grew up with only a small amount of money saved up for the holidays each year, yet I always wanted to create something special and unique. My sister and I would stay up late in the evenings crafting and sculpting tiny dolls or beaded necklaces to wrap and place under the tree. Our mother taught us by her example that making a gift is so much more meaningful than anything you could buy in a department store.

And as the holidays are nearing, we have gathered together 9 lovely DIY projects that will live as special gifts in the home of your loved ones. So get out your crafting odds and ends because it’s time to start doing some Christmas DIY!

1. For the one who loses their keys

I have to admit that I ALWAYS lose my keys! But with adorable keychains like monogrammed shapes or speckled circles, I would definitely think twice about where I set them down. Both made with clay, you can get several done in a snap! Add your own customization like imprinted letters or color-coded accents for the person who has several keychains! Projects found HERE and HERE.


2. For the one who loves their coffee

Collecting mugs should be a hobby that everyone does, because I certainly do! And what better way to show that special someone you love them than by making them a special gift that you know they will use every day. Just add coffee, tea or cocoa! What’s even better is that these marbled beauties can be made with something you have in your medicine cabinet or under your bed–nail polish! Project found HERE.


3. For the one who loves a good bubble bath

Soap is one of things that usually ends up smashed into your drain, causing you to panic right before taking a shower or having overnight guests over. But with stunning gem-shaped soaps like these, who would ever mistreat or lose the soap again?? This projects requires a bit more DIY experience, but the result is pretty amazing. Give this gift to the friend who always lets you crash or the lover of a good bubble bath. Project found HERE.


4. For the one who cherishes their coffee table

We all have that friend who walks around a party placing coasters under the drinks of chatty guests. So why not give the gift of a happy home with adorable coasters you can make yourself! We found 3 amazing DIY projects that result in gorgeous gold coasters, pretty painted cork coasters, or coasters with your favorite instagrammed photo memories on them. Project found HERE, HERE and HERE.


5. For the one who treasures their keepsakes

This is a sweet gift for someone who had a gemstone treasure box as a child or who loves little keepsakes turned into useful things. We love these necklace and magnet ideas because it’s such a unique thing to give–especially if it’s made from a gem or stone you gave them before! Using simple jewelry and crafting tools you can make a piece that will be worn or hung on the fridge throughout the years. Projects found HERE and HERE.


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