5 Things you can totally DIY as a Bride

When I was planning my own wedding 2 years ago, I had lofty goals and a list of things I thought I could DIY as a bride. But since my husband and I decided to be crazy and tie the know just 8 weeks after getting engaged, I learned very quickly that there are some things a bride CAN DIY, and there are some things that she should NOT!

So we are here to help you sort through those things without having to do the trial and inevitable error yourself! We sat down and gathered up all of our favorite DIY’s that are easy for any bride that wants to tackle a project or two. So check out our favorite 5 and see the bottom for clickable links!  

1. DIY Bridesmaid Box

If you had to choose one DIY project to do, THIS is it! A proposal to your bridesmaids/maid of honor is a big deal because those girls are going to get you through the craziest and most emotional day of your life. So bust out your craft glitter and pop some bubbly—you’re about to make the most adorable gift box a girl could want!

DIY bride

2. DIY Photo Guestbook

The second least-stressful DIY a bride can do is making an awesome photo guestbook. It’s a great way to read all the special notes from your guests while looking through photos of you and your sweetheart. Head over to Artifact Uprising and choose everything from book size and paper type to the color of the fabric on the cover!

DIY bride

3. DIY Wedding Vow Booklets

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to pull a crumpled up piece of paper from your bouquet to read your vows off of. Instead, try this simple DIY and make your own wedding vow booklets! You will be able to read your vows with ease and the best part is getting to have them as keepsakes forever.

DIY bride

4. DIY Wedding Favors

This is a loftier DIY project that requires a few crafting skills and some extra hours after work. But with tons of adorable favors that are sometimes cheaper to make than to buy, you can send your guests home with an extra special gift that was truly made with love. We love these sweet little packages filled with homemade mulling spices!

DIY bride

5. DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

Creating your own wedding bouquet is the coolest yet most time-consuming thing a bride can DIY, but we had to throw this in there for the girls with goals! Now we do NOT recommend making your own bouquet with real actual flowers as that is a DIY disaster waiting to ruin your day. However, we do love seeing a unique bouquet that isn’t made with anything living at all! We’ve seen everything from flowers made from book pages and entire broach bouquets to felt and even fabric flowers. But this paper bouquet is a stunner and the DIY article even comes with patterns you can print and cut out!

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